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Eriu's Child

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Eriu's Child

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We are delighted to bring you Ériu's Child, 56 minutes of music from the heart and soul of Ireland by Michael Morris and Earhsong Music.

In the year of the World 3,500 AM, the poet-shaman Amhairghin Glungheal took over the island of Ireland on behalf of the Gaelic-speaking Sons of Míl from Ériu Án, Queen of the Tuatha Dé Danann.

As Ériu surrendered the island to Amhairghin at the Hill of Uisnech, she asked that it be called the Land of Ériu. Both Ériu and the Tuatha Dé Danann still live on in the Irish landscape and Irish soul. Ériu's Child expresses this in music and song in both the traditional and contemporary Irish modes. Instruments include Irish flute, harmonic guitar, Indian tambura, Aboriginal dijeridu, Mongolian mouth-harp and keyboard.

A sixteen page explanatory booklet/inlay accompanies this album.

1. Danny Boy (The Derry Air)
2. The Coolin (The Fair Maiden)
3. Song of Amairgin
4. Land of the Living Heart
5. Invocation (Lorica)
6. Manannan's Ocean Kingdom
7. My Love Forever
8. Ériu's Earthsong
9. An Buachaill Caol Dubh
10. Bird of Imchíuin
11. Ériu's Child
12. Whale Prayer
13. A Child's Blessing and the Derry Air.

Buy CD $18.00 FREE Worldwide Shipping and Handling

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